The above is a Kadence block row, with a background image, set to “contain”. Nice! You can move this around with the little handle that appears. And, settings is to the right when you click that little handle (its a series of small dots that appear near the arrow when you mouse over the above).

This is a basic paragraph of text. You can add many lines, and use keyboard commands to style this, like bold, (ctrl-b), italics, (ctrl-i), etc. Links are easy as well.

Image block aded. This is a caption.

This is a small column with an image to the right. If I scale the image up, or set it to full width, it takes up more space.

The above is a cover block with no caption. You could add a caption as well. Doesn’t work great because the text gets cut off though. Maybe consider putting the quotes in as quotes on the sidebar?

Left 1/3 column cadence block with an advanced carousel gallery to the right.

Right 2/3 column cadence block.

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