Richard Blanco (Part 2/4)

You spend so many hours giving your work the space and time it needs to morph and change, to say what it came to say. Then one day you click send, and it’s in a hero’s inbox… Honestly, “honored” doesn’t even scratch the surface…I’m still looking for the right words. (Part 2/4)

Also, don’t miss Richard Blanco’s 2019 stunner, How to Love a Country, which came out in March from Beacon Press.

– It’s Not Magic releases October 1st. 
– Preorder anywhere. 
– Jon Sands – It’s Not Magic – Brooklyn Book Release Party! – 10/10 – McNally Jackson WILLIAMSBURG LOCATION
Ann Arbor – 10/8 – Literati
Cincinnati – 10/27 – Concert Nova

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