Hi, I’m Jon Sands.

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“I shall resist hyperbole. I shall abstain (barely) (maybe) from the urge to bellow from the rafters. I will not babble ceaselessly about how this book will fervently rollick an often fickle poetic oeuvre, how it will soon be apparent (hallelujah) (finally) that one Jon Sands is the raconteur we’ve been waiting for. Savoring these poems, it’s hard to believe that Jon strides the same world we do–these inventive stanzas resurrect, reconstruct, rejigger and redefine, all with that enviable Sands signature. (There’s nothing like this.) (Wow.)”
– Patricia Smith, author of Incendiary Art

“Jon Sands’s ‘It’s Not Magic,’ selected by Richard Blanco (for the National Poetry Series), moves with a vital, rebellious spirit, looking back at various teenage moments of connection and debauch, its lines hold a tenderness for the past, a curiosity about what came before, and an arresting version of optimism of what might happen next. “I have a spell of this,” he writes, “it’s called Time-Machine. / That’s Latin for I-wish-this-had-gone-differently.”
– The Boston Globe

“In his introduction, poet Richard Blanco compares Sands to Whitman, Hughes, and Ginsberg, and Sands’ expansive elevation of the most ordinary of life moments bears this out…The voice in these poems is hilariously honest, inviting, and wise as the speaker refuses to gloss over his awkward past.”
– Booklist

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