Mailing List
Some people & places you should know. - My sister in this world of poetry, and without question, one of the most amazing writers and performers I’ve ever met. This website is a veritable playground of awesome. - A 360-degree writer, performer, and educator. Adam Falkner is doing incredibly groundbreaking work in terms of using art as a tool for dialogue across social/identity lines. Be amazed. - The leading multimedia literary organization in the country. Ram Devineni is doing some of the most important and skilled work out there as far as using multi-media technology to bring the written word to life. He also directed “Verse: A Murder Mystery”, the web-series in which I play a bike messenger/poet who unlocks a 30-year old murder in the Lower-East-Side poetry world. - The legendary poetry slam/reading series (13 years counting) in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan. Any Monday night I’m in New York, you’re liable to see me either hosting or trying new material on the open mic. - A stunningly beautiful literary magazine with only the most inspiring work to boot. I have a regular interview column here where I sit down with some of my favorite poets in world. - They don’t come more multi-talented than this. He designed this website, does unbelievable graphics, writes beautiful poems, and founded one of the flyest clothing lines I’ve ever seen. & - My brother Abe Sands helps runs this photography/design/retouching company along with the legendary Gary Land. These guys are at the top of their field. Every image seems to come alive on sight. - Write Bloody is quickly becoming one of the leading independent publishing companies in the United States. They released my first collection, The New Clean, in Spring of 2011. With a crazy roster of poets, you could browse this site for hours. It’s like walking through Hogwarts. - Rico Frederick is another art maker who colors all the way outside the box. A magnificent graphic designer and artist, with quality poems to boot. We call that there a triple-threat. Mix in a gorgeous website—and you just cooked up magic.